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What is the Buy Golden Program?

The Buy Golden program is an ongoing educational promotion to encourage area residents, employees and visitors to patronize and support local retail merchants, restaurants, attractions and service businesses to help stimulate Golden’s economy. All businesses, not just locally-owned or independent, that are located within the City limits are considered part of the Buy Golden program. When we patronize our Golden businesses, we all benefit in many ways. As much as 70 cents of every dollar remains in Golden!


Our historic downtown has wonderful shops and boutiques--a great place to buy gifts or to treat yourself to some high fashion.  Other sections of town include many other shopping options, ranging from boutiques to big box stores.  See the full list of stores on our shopping page.


Golden’s restaurant offerings include a variety of global options, such as sushi, Thai, Tibetan, Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Middle Eastern, as well as classic American fare.  See the full list of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops on our dining page.


Whether you need a massage, a haircut, a dentist, or a new muffler, we've got you covered on our services page.


Golden has downtown boutique hotels, chains, bed and breakfasts, RV parks, and guest cottages.  You'll find what you need on our lodging page.

Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets are accepted by businesses all over town.  They are good for discounts from 5 to 20%, and some are good for instant cash!  You must scratch them at time of payment in a participating business.  Where to Use Golden Tickets


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